Enabling Companies to Provide Private-Label Banking Services

Increase Client Retention, Improve Financial Guidance and Generate a New Stream of Recurring Revenue with IFI Network
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No fees or costs associated with adding IFI Network to your practice. Through a single line of code, you will be able to provide best-in-class banking solutions to your clients.
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Customized for your Firm

All marketing materials and client interfaces will be consistent with your firm’s logo and branding.
IFI Network easily integrates with your current workflow. Your firm can select which products are available to your clients.
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Expand your Firm’s Scope of Services

There are $17 trillion in total deposits within the United States. Through IFI Network, you have the tools to better service an ever-growing market.

One Account to Access a Variety of Best-in-Class Solutions

Manage your cash the way you want to!

High Yield

Marketplace of single banks with competitive Rates



Receive up to $100 million in Federal Insurance per account



Support minority owned banks throughout the country with your cash

Easily Move Money with No Hidden Fees

Depositors can Link their Existing Bank Account to the IFI Network
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Frequently Asked Questions

What banking services are available?
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Your clients can enjoy loans, deposits and payment services all distributed through your dedicated portal.

Is there a fee for this service?
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There are no fees or costs to access IFI Network.

Will IFI be able to integrate with my CRM or data aggregator?
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Yes, IFI Network supports all major CRM and data aggregators.

How does IFI make money?
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IFI Network is free to wealth managers and their clients. Banks will compensate IFI Network to receive loans, deposits, and payment activity.